Slowly does it

Having read this blog by the excellent David Didau, I was inspired to try Slow Writing with my year 8 class, who are writing as ‘The Warden’ from Louis Sachar’s ‘Holes’.

I’ve attached the ppt slides I used below for you to have a look at if you so wish, but would like to ask for your help!

I will type up some of their work to show how effective this lesson was in improving their writing – it was very rewarding to see their ideas grow and blossom!

In the meantime, I’m hoping to use it with more and more classes, and as such need to be able to differentiate the rules for each paragraph, and would like to have more ideas with which to work.

Here is the list of ideas I have so far – would anyone care to add their own?

Your sentence must…

… start with a present participle (that’s a verb ending in ‘ing’)
… contain only three words.
… contain a semi-colon.
… be a rhetorical question.
… start with an adverb.
… contain a simile.
… address the reader directly.
… contain a subordinate clause.
… start with a subordinate clause.
… contain a metaphor.
… be a question.
… start with an adjective.
… contain only two words.
… use a modal verb. (could, might, should)
… start with a connective.
… start with a verb.
… answer this question: ‘What is your narrator feeling?’
… describe 2 senses other than sight
… introduce a character and describe their appearance

All suggestions welcome – please share your best ideas!



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