You are not mine to lose

A poem to mark the last lesson of the year with Y13.


You hop on the spot
before doors.
Desperate to fling wide
their offer:
Your future.
I shuffle from foot to foot
as you bound towards the gate.
You are not mine to lose.
But I will miss you.

There is a fine line.
A young bird has gathered its power.
What joy to see it fly!
What happiness to watch
the gentle flap of little wings
take flight and soar above.

And still, still,
what heart could fail
to fill so high and not spill a little?
Goodbye is a heavy word
To whisper
from a stacked and creaking shelf,
down an empty corridor.

I want you to lose my whisper
But you will echo.
Is it wrong to feel a tear?
You are not mine to lose.

Tread lightly, eat well, stay open
Say yes, find joy.
I know what you do not.
I have seen a world you have not.
It needs people like you.
You will light its dark corners.

And so our chapter reaches its end.
Write your next page.
Thank you for being on mine.
For a blink.
I have won so much,
how could I not feel loss?
but you are not mine to lose.




About PS

English teacher in Shanghai.
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